Thursday, January 31, 2013

So Long Philly!

Our flight to California leaves in a little over an hour! We're flying up to Los Angeles to spend some time visiting Donna's brother before we leave the United States entirely on February 5th. Apparently he's going to take us to a yoga class and maybe a tour of JPL. It'll be interesting to see how that compares to what I'm used to at Lockheed.

Navigating the Philadelphia Airport and dealing with security wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be, but I still would have been totally lost if Donna didn't know where we were supposed to be going. Hopefully I'll be a little less clueless on our next flight.

See you in six months Philadelphia!

Last Night in Pennsylvania

It's finally starting to sink in that we're leaving. My luggage is all packed, my family has all said goodbye, and I'm getting ready to go to sleep in Pennsylvania for the last time in six months. Up till now this has all been some grand scheme that Donna and I have been planning but the actual trip has always been so far away. Now it's right here and kinda terrifying.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Day left..

One day left and still so much to do. I haven't even started packing yet since I spent the day hanging out with Brandon, Justin, Dave, and Katy one last time before leaving. Justin even let me borrow his GoPro so I'll be able to try and take some awesome videos while I'm gone (bungee jumping!!).

I'm gonna miss everyone.

Monday, January 28, 2013

First Post! Purpose of this blog

Donna and I are leaving for California in just three days! Starting a blog feels a little narcissistic but I hope that it'll help keep us in touch with everyone back home while we're away. It'll also be nice to have a journal of our adventures to look at once we get back to plain old Pennsylvania in six months. I'm gonna shoot to update this at least once a week with text entries and lots of pictures addressing anything cool that we've seen or done that week, and hopefully we do lots of fun and interesting things that are worth posting about. :)